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Factors to Consider when Lighting Shopping Centres

Lighting is one of the most important decisions when designing a shopping centre.

LED lighting provides an efficient choice where lighting needs to be utilised for at least 10 hours per day and maintenance costs need to be minimised.

As well as considering the overall energy cost of the luminaires chosen, an efficient range with the minimum number of different styles should be chosen to reduce maintenance costs and complexity.

 The mall illumination should provide a natural, comfortable atmosphere which improves the shopper’s experience and doesn’t detract from the stores.

mall 2

Helderberg Shopping Centre, Western Cape – CL24-Diff

Feature lighting and decorative lighting can be used to make entrances welcoming, striking and eye catching.

mall 3

Helderberg Shopping Centre, Western Cape

Lighting can be used to highlight specific areas such as displays, signage and décor to make products stand out.

mall 4

LL-A-24-25-B – a low powered blue LED light line used in Dion Wired.

Lighting for store signage should be uniform in intensity and colour so as to not detract from the store’s branding. Signage is typically on 24 hours per day so a high quality LED solution results in a very quick break-even period.

mall 5

Billabong, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Areas such as car parks and storage facilities, which are typically illuminated 24 hours per day, need efficient lighting which considers customer safety and adds to the overall architecture of the centre. Additional features such as occupancy and daylight sensing as well as emergency lighting have to be considered. Fittings in these areas should also be designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

mall 6

Gardens Shopping Centre Car Park, Cape Town

Cove lighting is important to the overall aesthetic of a shopping centre. Poor quality cove lighting can easily detract from the perceived quality of the stores. It should be seamless and provide excellent uniformity in brightness and colour along the length of the cove.

mall 7

Ballito Junction Mall

Bathroom lighting should create the impression of a clean and safe environment through the use of high lux levels and diffuse lighting.

mall 8

 Bathrooms at Pavilion Mall

LEDwise ceiling lights, module lights, linear lights, cove lights and track lights are installed in shopping malls throughout South Africa and Africa.

All LEDwise products are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa providing flexible ordering to two weeks’ lead time.


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