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Technical Information

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Plug Power (W)Luminaire Luminous Flux (lm)Fitting
(3080) 3000K(4080) 4000K
Length: 580mm     
LDR-6563-S-580-16WLDR-6563-C-580-30W/m15.512571412WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-580-23WLDR-6563-C-580-40W/m22.117231936WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-580-26WLDR-6563-C-580-50W/m25.519542196WT, BK, AL
Length: 860mm     
LDR-6563-S-860-24WLDR-6563-C-860-30W/m23.5018852118WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-860-34WLDR-6563-C-860-40W/m33.6025842903WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-860-37WLDR-6563-C-860-50W/m37.4029313294WT, BK, AL
Length: 1140mm     
LDR-6563-S-1140-30WLDR-6563-C-1140-30W/m29.7025012810WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1140-43WLDR-6563-C-1140-40W/m42.9034453871WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1140-50WLDR-6563-C-1140-50W/m49.7038964378WT, BK, AL
Length: 1420mm     
LDR-6563-S-1420-37WLDR-6563-C-1420-30W/m36.9031423530WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1420-54WLDR-6563-C-1420-40W/m53.9043144847WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1420-63WLDR-6563-C-1420-50W/m62.5048705472WT, BK, AL
Length: 1700mm     
LDR-6563-S-1700-45WLDR-6563-C-1700-30W/m44.7037704236WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1700-65WLDR-6563-C-1700-40W/m64.6051175817WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1700-75WLDR-6563-C-1700-50W/m74.7058636587WT, BK, AL
Length: 1980mm     
LDR-6563-S-1980-51WLDR-6563-C-1980-30W/m51.1043984942WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1980-74WLDR-6563-C-1980-40W/m73.8060406786WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-1980-85WLDR-6563-C-1980-50W/m85.2068407685WT, BK, AL
Length: 2260mm     
LDR-6563-S-2260-58WLDR-6563-C-2260-30W/m57.7050275648WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-2260-89WLDR-6563-C-2260-40W/m88.6069037756WT, BK, AL
LDR-6563-S-2260-101WLDR-6563-C-2260-50W/m100.5078178783WT, BK, AL
Product Information
Fitting Material Powder coated extruded aluminium construction
Available finishes Powder coated white, custom colours on request
Optic Type Diffuser
IP Rating IP20
Mounting Type Surface mount / P2000/ Suspended
LED Colours (CCT) 3000K, 4000K (others CCT’s available on request)
LED Colour Consistency <3 SDCM
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) CRI80 , (CRI90 on request)
LED Lifetime L80B10 >50,000 hrs at Ta = 25° Celsius
Control Options Non-dim (N), DALI (DALI)
Operating Voltage/ Frequency 220 – 240 V/ 50 – 60 Hz
Optional Add-ons Min. 1 hour emergency version available
  Add-on PIR or microwave motion sensor
Warranty 5 year warranty as per LEDwise standard terms of warranty
Manufacture Designed and Manufactured in South Africa


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Linear Diffused Recessed luminaires. Ideal for general or decorative illumination in commercial and retail spaces.

LDR-6563 - S

LDR-6563- C

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