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Nedbank rolls-out with LEDwise

For the last 4 years Nedbank has used LEDwise as its preferred supplier for signage illumination during their national branch upgrade project. The LEDs are used for the halo illumination of the signs as well as for the backlighting of the Nedbank and other text.
Important factors to consider when doing a brand roll-out of a new image is to ensure that the signage is illuminated properly and that this illumination is consistent across all sign types, sizes and sites. In the early stages LEDwise provided input into the design from a technical lighting perspective and now supplies installation drawings to all the signage companies to reduce the chance of installation errors.
When dealing with external illumination it is important that the lighting product can take into consideration important factors like UV radiation, heat, expansion and contraction, corrosion and weatherproofing.
For Nedbank’s application, we used our IP rated light line product. This is 3.2W/m, LED light Line using Osram LEDs and is supplied in an aluminium extrusion, resin coated for external use and anodised for coastal conditions. The colour of the light was specified by Nedbank and LEDwise’s narrow colour bin selection ensures colour consistency across all signs and sites.
The wire connections are provided by pluggable IP67 molex connectors and Helutherm UV resistant wire. The system is provided as a ‘plug and play’ solution for the signage contractors to make installation easier and to prevent wiring mistakes.
All LEDwise products are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.
Please contact our Technical team for advice on your project’s requirements.

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