LEDwise Partners with Osram Opto-Semi Conductors to produce LED modules

LEDwise is an Osram LED Light for You Solution Partner, one of only 2 companies in South Africa accredited for this. We have recently developed a locally assembled range of linear modules with Osram Opto-Semi-Conductors, and have received approval from Osram to put the ‘Osram LED Inside’ co-branding on the modules for sale in Africa.
 This is a first for this kind of product in South Africa. These modules have been tested by the Osram Premium Application Support Service (PASS) and the reports are available for customer review. All the modules are Zhaga compliant which means lighting manufacturers can interchange them easily with the modules they are presently using. By manufacturing locally, the modules avoid import duty and are thus very competitively priced.
The following modules are available: L56-W2 (2300lm, 14.7W, 560mm long), L28-W2 (1150lm, 14.7W, 280mm long) and the L56-W2-HO (3830lm, 29.4W, 560mm long). All modules come with a 5-year warranty provided the Tc point is below maximum of 80 degrees. We can also assist with driver selection and application advice.
For more information on our innovative locally-manufactured LED lighting modules please contact our team of South African engineers