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LEDwise – 5 Points that set us apart from the Competition

LEDwise has numerous points of difference in the South African industry, ranging from our expertise, to our work ethic to our production processes. As a customer of LEDwise you can rest assured that you are partnering with a company that excels in its field. Here are our 5 main differentiators:

  1. Proudly South African –  In keeping with our commitment to local development, all our fittings are assembled at our Cape Town factory. Our products are assembled by a team of dedicated and highly skilled individuals who maintain the high standards we’ve established since inception.
  2. Quality Engineering – Our lights are designed and built to operate for 24 hours per day, promising longevity and reliable performance. Quality control is essential, and a stringent quality control procedure ensures all products meet our exacting standards.  We provide accurate, measured data for all our products to ensure customer satisfaction. We have our own photometric laboratory and undertake lifetime tests on all our products.
  3. Dedicated Service – We pride ourselves communicating clearly, openly and consistently with our clients.  From quick turnaround of quoting projects to production, we ensure that our clients’ requirements are met and communicated.
  4. Product Development – An engineering culture, openness, flexibility, and the use and implementation of sophisticated technologies gives us the edge. The team has more than 100 years engineering experience and more than 40 years of experience in LED lighting. Our team of Electronic, Mechanical and Industrial engineers ensures LEDwise is ahead of the market in realising new concepts and sustaining an innovative mindset.
  5. Speed & Volume to Market – Our flexible local manufacture has led to the successful delivery of over 350,000 luminaires. We make all our products to order and have a standard lead time of 2 weeks – not bad considering we have over 120 products which can be configured in more than 12,000 combinations.

For more information on LEDwise and what we offer please contact our team of South African engineers.

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