LEDwise Driver On Board 220V Modules

Driver on Board (DOB) technology is becoming more common in LED Lighting products. There are several reasons for this. The price of the DOB module is significantly less than buying an LED module and a separate driver. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for an external driver, the housings that these modules are fitted into can be smaller and unsightly shadows often caused by external drivers mounted next to the LED module can be avoided.

Lighting manufacturers are finding that stock holding of DC modules as well as the various drivers to power them is becoming more extensive and costly. Being able to buy a readymade DOB module ex-stock from LEDwise is an advantage to these manufacturers which suits their procurement and stock holding strategies.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality luminaires in South Africa, LEDwise has a very good reputation and record of accomplishment in the successful supply of retail, commercial and industrial luminaires. LEDwise is now able to offer high quality LED modules to luminaire manufacturers at very affordable prices.

The CL220-15 is one of the new locally designed and manufactured DOB 220V modules. It has a power of 15.6W and produces 1366 lum in 4000K colour, measures 74mm in diameter and is fitted with 15 Samsung LEDs. It boasts a Power Factor of 0.97 and is suitable for AC Input Voltage of 220-240 Volts. It has thermal regulation which reduces the light output if the temperature of the chip is too high and has an onboard MOV for surge protection. There is also a 30W version designated CL220-30. They are most suitable for Bulk Head Lighting and applications.

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