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LEDwise Ceiling Light – COB10

Recessed ceiling lights are one of the most popular modern lighting options for hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, reception counters and display cabinets. Also referred to as downlights, they provide ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting while remaining unobtrusive because the lights are recessed into the ceiling.

The COB10 is a recessed LED ceiling luminaire containing 1 x 10W Bridgelux COB (Chip on Board) LED. High CRI and specialty CCTs are available. It can be used as a replacement for the 35W or 50W halogen down lighter and is ideal for new or retrofit applications. Available in Natural and Warm White, the COB10 is dimmable and has a beam angle of 36°.

LEDwise’s range of ceiling lights offer a unique combination of reliability, affordability, energy efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance.

All LEDwise products are proudly designed and assembled in South Africa.

Please contact our team of South African Engineers for advice on your product requirements.

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