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LEDwise New Ceiling Light

Recessed ceiling lights are a great source of illumination in an area which requires a minimalistic approach, and avoid clutter. They are versatile, providing both ambient and task lighting for almost any space. Low ceilings are especially favourable with recessed lights as they do not protrude from the ceiling.

The COB35-RT is a retractable and rotatable LED ceiling luminaire containing 1 x 35W Osram Chip on Board LED. Consuming only 34.8W it produces 3570 Lumen Output. The distribution is optimised for retail, restaurants, and architectural indoor use. Available in natural white, warm white and speciality CCTs. For meat, bread, health, and CRI 95 décor CCTs (correlated colour temperatures) are also available. Beam angles of 15°,30°,45°,60° are achievable. Please visit Ceiling Lights for more information.

LEDwise range of ceiling lights offer a unique combination of reliability, affordability, energy efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance.

All LEDwise products are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Please contact our team of South African Engineers for advice on your product requirements.

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