ACE-C (COntinuous)

Linear LED Luminaire range designed for retail, storage facilities, and warehouse illumination

ACE-C (Continuous)

Product Code 
Product Code

Plug Power (W)Luminaire Luminous Flux (lm)Fitting Colour
(3080) 3000K(4080) 4000K
Length: 580mm     
ACE-S-580-16WACE-C-580-30W/m15.518972132WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-580-23W ACE-C-580-40W/m22.126012922WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-580-26W ACE-C-580-50W/m25.529503315WT, BK, AL
Length: 860mm     
ACE-S-860-24W ACE-C-860-30W/m23.5028463198WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-860-34W ACE-C-860-40W/m33.6039014383WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-860-37W ACE-C-860-50W/m37.4044264973WT, BK, AL
Length: 1140mm     
ACE-S-1140-30W ACE-C-1140-30W/m29.7037764243WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1140-43W ACE-C-1140-40W/m42.9052025845WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1140-50W ACE-C-1140-50W/m49.7058836610WT, BK, AL
Length: 1420mm     
ACE-S-1420-37W ACE-C-1420-30W/m36.9047435330WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1420-54W ACE-C-1420-40W/m53.9065137319WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1420-63W ACE-C-1420-50W/m62.5073538262WT, BK, AL
Length: 1700mm     
ACE-S-1700-45W ACE-C-1700-30W/m44.7056926395WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1700-65W ACE-C-1700-40W/m64.6078168782WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1700-75W ACE-C-1700-50W/m74.7088519945WT, BK, AL
Length: 1980mm     
ACE-S-1980-52W ACE-C-1980-30W/m51.1066417461WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1980-74W ACE-C-1980-40W/m73.80911910246WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-1980-85W ACE-C-1980-50W/m85.201032611603WT, BK, AL
Length: 2260mm     
ACE-S-2260-59W ACE-C-2260-30W/m57.7075898527WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-2260-89W ACE-C-2260-40W/m88.601042211710WT, BK, AL
ACE-S-2260-101W ACE-C-2260-50W/m100.501180113260WT, BK, AL


  • The ACE-C (Continuous) is supplied with pluggable connectors on each end and 2 mounting clips per length.
  • 3P (3 Pole connector) for single circuits and 4P (4Pole connector) for 2 circuits per line available on request.
  • All lights needs to have the same number of poles per line, they cannot be a mix of 3P and 4P connectors.
  • When mixing different lengths of ACE-C in the same line, please choose the same Power/m for all lengths.
  • Beam angles: 60°, 90°, Oval (O), Aisle Symmetric (AS), Aisle Asymmetric (AAS)

Optional Accessories:

  • P2000 spring nut & bolt to mount ACE-C linear to P2000 trunking (2 required per fitting)
  • ACE Power cable – 1 cable required per line of up to 50m. 3P | 4P | 5P connectors and different lengths of cable available on request.
  • ACE-Solid End caps (2 required per line)
  • ACE-Connecting plate (1 required per fitting for suspended version only)
  • Suspension cables available (1 required per fitting in middle of line and 2 for the fitting at the end of the line)
  • EMGergency control gear available on request
  • Control – Non-Dim or DALI/Switch-Dim)


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