The ACE-C-BH. A dual-direction luminaire for effective commercial displays.

The ACE-C-BH is a linear luminaire designed for seamless illumination of both the aisles and bulkhead signage in a retail environment. It is fully compatible with our standard ACE-C Linear Range. With it’s dual-directional design, the ACE-C-BH can replace all open channel fluorescents and bulkhead flood lights in a retail, warehouse and commercial application.

For ease of installation, the ACE-C-BH is supplied with pluggable power connectors on each end of the luminaire, together with mounting clips for surface and suspended installations. Accessories are available to simplify installations.

The ACE-C-BH is available in standard lengths of 1140mm, 1420mm and 1700mm, various LED colour temperatures and power/m – 30, 40, 50W/m to cater for different types of applications. Connected to a single AC power feed, the ACE-C-BH linear can continuously run for up to 50m. Non dimmable option and a built-in emergency gear can be incorporated on request.