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Cove Lighting installed at Lakeside Mall, Johannesburg

LEDwise recently supplied their 12W/m Light Line (LL-A-24-33) for the cove lighting at Lakeside Mall, Johannesburg.

Cove lighting is installed into bulkheads, ledges or recesses in ceilings and directs light up to the ceiling, and down adjacent walls. Though this kind of lighting can be used as a primary light source, it is more commonly used for aesthetic effect. The renovations to the Lakeside Mall feature a number of contemporary ceiling designs which were accentuated by our light lines

The LL-A-24-33 product is supplied in an aluminium extrusion with a clear or frosted cover. It contains Osram LEDs with current control to ensure consistent illumination over a long length. Each length is pluggable, which simplifies the installation of these light lines. By supplying shorter lengths, on-site variations can be catered for. This product is customisable and available in different power outputs ranging from 8W/m to 18W/m depending on your project’s requirements.

Our Light Line offering also includes the LL-A-24-25 variant with power ranges from 3.2W/m to 5W/m and the LL-A-24-14 with power ranges from 18W/m to 28W/m.

Please contact our team of South African engineers and technical experts to assist you with your lighting requirements.

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