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LEDwise Product Release – Tri-proof Luminaire

LEDwise has recently added a range of Tri-proof luminaires to our already comprehensive portfolio of products.

The IP65 housings are extruded from polycarbonate with injection moulded end caps and an aluminium insert. Initially, we will be supplying them in lengths of 1200mm and power options of 36W and 53W, however other lengths and power options are possible.

The Tri-proofs are fitted with Osram LEDs and Tridonic control gear and come standard with a 5-year warranty. We offer built-in emergency gear, microwave sensor, Dali dimming and corridor function options

Like the rest of our products, the assembly will take place in our local factory in Cape Town. Our production facility operates in accordance with strict quality control standards. We have our own photometric laboratory which is equipped with everything we need to generate IEF files for our products. These files are available on request.

Our Tri-proof range is ideal for parking garages, basements, storerooms and ‘back of house’ areas.

For more information on our expansive range of luminaires, please contact our team of South African engineers.

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