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Mr Price Illuminated with LEDwise Ceiling Lights

Success in the retail sector is driven by various elements. Enhancing the shopper experience is key. An important element is Store Design, which is carefully modelled to account for the floor plan, colour scheme, merchandising and lighting.The role of lighting is essential, with its contribution to a store’s ambiance as well as ability to draw customers to specific areas or products.

Image conscious brands such as Mr Price opt for LEDwise as they appreciate the role of lighting in a customer’s purchase decision. Through distributor Province Lighting, LEDwise has supplied their 28W, CL24-Dish200 ceiling light to several Mr Price stores for illumination of the trading floor. The CL24-Dish200 is a high quality diffused LED downlight with Osram LEDs, Brightview diffuser, White Optic reflector and Tridonic control gear. Delivering over 3200lm from 28W this ceiling light is a very efficient fitting and ideal for use in areas requiring good general illumination.

Selecting the correct colour temperature is particularly important for a fashion retailer. LEDwise has a superior ‘fine colour binning’ (the exact shade of light can be specified again with each repeat order). LEDwise uses Osram LEDs with a high Colour Rendering Index. CRI is a measure of how accurately a light source is able to illuminate an object true to its colour. Customers can also rely on colour consistency throughout their store due to the narrow binning ranges selected by LEDwise. LEDwise manufactures various other retail appropriate luminiaires including ceiling lights, linear lights, light lines, module lights and track lights. The products under these ranges are ideal for retail illumination, effectively illuminating aisles, merchandise, display counters and point of sale areas in the most aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective way.

For more information on our locally-manufactured LED lighting lines please contact our team of South African engineers.

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