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LEDwise lights Woolworths Fridges

Our innovative commercial refrigeration products have recently been installed in the food section of the new Woolworths store in Table Bay Mall, Cape Town.

Leading refrigeration display case manufacturer, Colcab, selected our slim line SL range for the undershelf lights in their new closed-door meat and dairy fridges.

The design specification for this project required a product that could fit into a 16mm terry clip, allowing for ease of rotation whilst also ensuring diffused light output to eliminate unsightly reflections off shiny products packaging. The SL range also has a CRI>90 to ensure good colour rendering across a wide range of refrigerated products. Each 1.1m shelf light consumes only 13W which is a considerable power saving when compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.




Our new Bravo accent light has been installed in the upright linear fridges to illuminate both the base and shelves of the fridges. This unique product has a custom designed reflector built into the shape of the extrusion which minimises manufacturing processes and saves cost. The reflector shape was designed using ray tracing software to optimise illumination. Colcab also specified that they did not want the top bulk head illuminated as this can create distracting reflections. We successfully achieved this and in doing so contributed to ensuring a comfortable retail experience for all Woolworths customers. Each 1.1m long Bravo fitting consumes 26W, which is a significant power saving when compared to the 2 x 36W fluorescent options which were previously used.




For more information on our commercial refrigeration products please refer to the Light Lines section on our website, www.ledwise.co.za, or contact our team of engineers.

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