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Woolworths Distribution Centre Illuminated by LEDwise High Bay Lights

The brand-new Woolworths Distribution Centre in Montague Gardens, Cape Town is nearing completion. LEDwise supplied almost 500 of their 200W Linear High Bay Lights through distributor Province Lighting. Distribution Centres need lighting solutions that precisely illuminate very large areas or very narrow areas from a great height, and are durable enough to withstand environment conditions such as fluctuating temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.

The Woolworths specification was onerous requiring a minimum of 200lux at 1m AFFL in the aisles with a mounting height of 12.3m. We were able to achieve this using 5 of our HBL-200-O fittings per row and using a very narrow lens designed by LEDil in Finland.  Each HBL-200 contains 96 highly efficient and robust Osram Oslon Square LEDs producing over 24000lm, with an overall system efficacy of 120lum/watt. A quarter of the fittings were supplied with Tridonic Dali Control gear and special plugs to enable easy installation onto the power rail.

The HBL range of high bay lights are proudly designed and manufactured by LEDwise in Cape Town and are available in power options of 70W, 105W, 140W, 175W and 200W. Many standard distributions are available with the possibility for custom designs. Containing Osram LEDs and anodised aluminium heatsink for good thermal management, they can be mounted to P2000 trunking or they can be suspended. Occupancy / daylight dimming available on request and an IP65 rated version is also available.

For more information on the LEDwise range of High Bay Lights please contact our team of South African Engineers.

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