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Woolworths uses LEDwise for Sustainability Vision

Woolworths’ vision to be the most sustainable retailer in the Southern Hemisphere is driven by a combination of focus areas, one of which is to increase energy efficiency in their operations and shift to renewable energy sources.

Signage lighting is often required to run for 24hrs a day, attracting customers at night and maintaining a marketing presence in the community afterhours. Our high quality LED light lines are capable of producing in excess of 100 lumens per watt, meaning they will produce a great deal of light while using very little power. This translates to much lower monthly energy bills, particularly when the sign is on for 24 hours a day. The long life of LEDs also saves on maintenance costs, particularly for signs mounted high up on buildings, where access is very costly.

For the Woolworths signage, we use our LL-A-24-33-IP light lines. This product produces 1250lm/m and consumes 12.2W/m. It is supplied in an anodised aluminium extrusion suitable for coastal use and is resin coated to provide protection from UV light as well as water. We supply the light lines in discrete lengths with IP67 pluggable connectors on each end and 2 stainless steel mounting clips for ease of installation. Our LED light lines run off 24V and all have current control to ensure that the LED brightness does not drop along their connected length. For each sign type, we provide a wiring diagram so that the signage companies know exactly how many LEDs to connect to the power supplies.

Thus far LEDwise has supplied LED backlighting to over 700 Woolworths signs country wide resulting in considerable energy savings for this environmentally conscious brand.

LEDwise is a specialist provider of high quality LED lighting solutions to the signage industry. We provide backlighting, light line and halo illumination solutions. Please contact our Technical team for advice on your project’s requirements.

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