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LEDwise Parking Garage Lights

Commercial parking garages often require lighting to be on 24 hours per day making them an ideal area to save electricity by switching to more energy efficient LED solutions with break-evens of less than 2 years.
LEDwise has many high-quality luminaires ideal for use in parking garages. Our PL Range which was developed exclusively for Province Lighting is part of the LEDwise Linear Light range and is an example of a high-quality luminaire designed to consider the requirements of the installer.
The fitting can be surface mounted using two concealed spring mounting clips and can only be removed using a special tool, thereby reducing the risk of theft. It can also be self-supported during the installation freeing up the contractor’s hands to allow him to do the electrical connection.
A channel in the rear of the fitting allows for the conduit to be joined to the fitting for neat through connection without the need to open the fitting. Various dimming options are available, as well as PIR sensor and built-in emergency gear.
Osram LEDs are used and are available with a frosted Brightview or slightly more cost effective Microlinear diffuser, all with a 5-year warranty.
All LEDwise lights are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa. Contact the team of LEDwise South African engineers to discuss your requirements and for more information.

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