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LEDwise, Sasol’s Nominated Lighting Supplier

LEDwise are proud to be approved as a supplier of blue light lines and forecourt canopy lights for Sasol’s forecourts. Our blue LED light lines illuminate more than 120 of these impactful forecourts 365 days per year, while our highly successful range of LED Canopy Lights has thus far been installed at close on 20 sites nationwide.

The 24V blue light line consumes only 3.2W/m and is supplied in an anodised aluminium housing resin coated for external use. Current regulation on the printed circuit board ensures even light intensity up to 15m from the power supply. The light lines are supplied in pluggable 1.5m lengths and come fitted with stainless steel mounting clips for ease of installation. They create a seamless striking blue band of light.

Our 140W canopy light is available in a recessed or surface mount version (with a 5year guarantee) and contains 64 high-quality Osram LEDs. The housing is manufactured from anodised aluminium and the body from powder coated stainless steel. There is a by-pass diode for every LED meaning that in the unlikely event that one LED should fail, the other 63 will still function. Each fitting is equipped with a Goretex breather valve to allow harmful gases to escape and utilises high-quality lenses approved worldwide for forecourt illumination.

Both the blue light line and canopy lights are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.

LEDwise works closely with many blue chip clients to develop their optimal lighting solutions. Contact the LEDwise team of South African engineers for more information.

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