The Channel Light CH-1200 surface mount luminaire is a surface channel light containing 132 x Osram LEDs. It is available in 60, 90 degree or aisle distributions. It is supplied standard with either two 20mm nylon mounting adaptors or 6mm spring nuts for P2000 trunking.

  Channel Light   Dim/Non Dim Plug Power (W)     Luminaire Output  Beam Angle    Fitting Colour
WW (3000K) NW (4000K)
Aisle Non Dim 50.6 6495 6495 Aisle Wt,Gr,Bk
60 & 90 Non Dim 50.6 6560 6560 60,90 Wt,Gr,Bk
Available colours: NW WW
CRI: Min 80
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