The Parking Garage Light PL-1200-ML surface mount luminaire is a channel light containing Osram LEDs with Microlinear diffusers. Various dimming options are available, as well as PIR sensor switching or built-in emergency gear.

Product Code Dimming Plug Power (W) Luminaire Output Beam Angle Fitting Colour
WW (3000K) NW (4000K)
PL-1200-29W-ML Non Dim/ DALI/ Emergency Gear/ PIR/ PIR Dimming 29 3208 3208 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
PL-1200-34W-ML 34 3824 3824 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
PL-1200-40W-ML 40 4440 4440 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
PL-1200-46W-ML 46 5046 5046 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
PL-1200-54W-ML 54 5781 5781 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
PL-1200-61W-ML 61 6516 6516 130x90 Wt,Gr,Bk
Available colours: NW WW
CRI: Min 80