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Technical Information
Power (W)
Luminaire OutputBeam
4070 (4000K, CRI70)5770 (5700K, CRI70)
STR-35W3538934025 30°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, MEBK/GR
STR-50W505839603730°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, MEBK/GR
STR-65W6576597919 30°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, MEBK/GR
STR-80W8094279747 30°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, MEBK/GR
STR-105W1051167812074 30°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, MEBK/GR
STR-125W1251359314055 30°, 55°, 90°, O (Oval), FL (Flood/VSM), T1, T2, T3, ME BK/GR
Product Information
Fitting Material Powder coated high pressure die cast aluminium housing
Available finishes Powder coated black, custom colours on request
Optic Type Lens
IP Rating IP66
Mounting Type Pole mount
LED Colours (CCT) 5700K, 4000K (others on request)
LED Colour Consistency <3 SDCM
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) CRI70 , (CR80 and CRI90 on request)
LED Lifetime L90B10 > 120,000 hrs at Ta = 25° Celsius
Control Options non-dim (N), DALI (DALI)
Operating Voltage/ Frequency 220 – 240 V/ 50 – 60 Hz
Optional Add-ons Min. 1 hour emergency version available
Compatibility with specific motion or light sensors
Warranty 5 year warranty as per LEDwise standard terms of warranty
Manufacture Assembled in South Africa


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Street Lights

Beautifully illuminating streets, parking areas, and perimeter lighting at industrial projects

STR - Bottom view

STR - Side view

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