Our Work




For industrial applications, our range of High Bay Lights, Interior Linears or IP65 Linear Lights are ideal for factories, storage facilities and cold rooms.

Petrol Stations/Forecourts

For external applications, our range of Canopy Lights are ideal for petroleum forecourt canopy lighting. We have an extensive range of Street light suitable for perimeter lighting in parking areas and driveway leading to and from the service station. For Internal applications, we have a wide selection of downlights and ceiling mounted panels that can be used to illuminate all common spaces.



Offices, Schools and Hospitals

For offices, hospitals and schools, our range of Ceiling Lights, Module Lights, Panel luminaires , Linears and Track Lights are ideal for work areas, reception areas, meeting rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, breakout areas, lifts and passages.

Hotels and Restaurants

Our range of Ceiling Lights, Module Lights, Linears and Track Lights are ideal for rooms, bathrooms, passages, reception areas, conference rooms, spas, restaurants, lifts and lounges. In addition, try our Light Lines or Diffused Light Lines for bulkheads, shelves and other indirect illumination applications.




For retail stores and shops, our range of Downlights, Linears and Track Lights are ideal for illuminating merchandise, aisles, display counters and point of sale. With no UV light or infrared, they can be used with a very wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to fruit and even rubber. In addition, our Light Lines and diffused light lines are ideal for shop fitting applications like shelf and display cabinet illumination, kick plates, bulkhead cove lighting and other indirect illumination applications.

Shopping Centres

For shopping centres, our range of Ceiling Lights, Module Lights, Linears and Track Lights are ideal for all general areas like passages, eating areas and restrooms. Our range of IP20 Light Lines and Diffused Light lines are ideal for interior bulkheads and display illumination and our IP65 has been developed for external applications like building facades. In addition, we have a range of IP65 Linears that can be used for parking, receiving/depatch and service areas back of house.

Parking Garages

For parking garages, our range of IP20 Linears and  IP65 Linears are ideal for lighting parking areas. Luminaires can be configured with various control options, ranging from the standard non-dim (on/off) options or with microwave/PIR sensor connected to dimmable drivers that enables the luminaries to dim to a lower brightness if no motion is detected and provides a cost saving on the electricity consumption. Built-in emergency gear are also available.



Signage Lighting

LEDwise Lighting (Pty) Ltd. is a specialist provider of high quality LED lighting solutions to the signage industry. We provide backlighting, light line and halo illumination solutions. Please refer to the Light Lines and diffused Light lines product pages for product details.

All our external LEDs are resin coated for IP67 protection. We use a custom designed aluminium extrusion anodised to 25 microns suitable for coastal use. For all wire connections, we use UV stable high temperature, oil resistant wire. Our LED lengths are provided with pluggable IP67 male and female connectors to reduce installation errors. We supply the lengths with 3M VHB double tape or stainless steel clips depending on the application. All our products use LEDs from the World’s leading manufacturers.