Our new X-range of affordable low power downlights are now in full production. There are 6 standard styles to choose from with powers of X-7 (7W), X-10 (10W0, X-12 (12W) and X-15 (15W).
LEDwise has introduced a range of recessed ceiling luminaires. These low glare luminaires are an interesting alternative to diffused panels.
LEDwise recently supplied their 12W/m Light Line (LL-A-24-33) for the cove lighting at Lakeside Mall, Johannesburg.
While downlights are still primarily round in shape, some clients have been requesting a more geometric look. LEDwise has therefore introduced a range of square and rectangular downlights to our comprehensive portfolio.
Did you know that we can produce custom fittings? Although we have a standard list of products in our catalogue we can also design and manufacture luminaires to meet your project’s requirements. 
The term ‘Flicker’, which is commonly used to describe (or criticise) the performance of lighting, is becoming increasingly vague and insufficient in the complex world of LED lighting.
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