Damian van Ass has joined LEDwise in the role of Technical Lighting Consultant and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience within the LED lighting and manufacturing industry.
Our new X-range of affordable low power downlights are now in full production. There are 6 standard styles to choose from with powers of X-7 (7W), X-10 (10W0, X-12 (12W) and X-15 (15W).
LEDwise has introduced a range of recessed ceiling luminaires. These low glare luminaires are an interesting alternative to diffused panels.
LEDwise recently supplied their 12W/m Light Line (LL-A-24-33) for the cove lighting at Lakeside Mall, Johannesburg.
While downlights are still primarily round in shape, some clients have been requesting a more geometric look. LEDwise has therefore introduced a range of square and rectangular downlights to our comprehensive portfolio.
Did you know that we can produce custom fittings? Although we have a standard list of products in our catalogue we can also design and manufacture luminaires to meet your project’s requirements. 
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