LEDwise Lighting Pty Ltd. is an expert designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for the retail, commercial and industrial market sectors. At the core of the company is the professional Engineering team which consists of experienced Mechanical, Electronic and Mechatronic engineers. The team has more than 100 years of combined Engineering experience and more than 40 years of LED lighting design experience. Our production facility is well laid out and all work is processed in accordance with strict quality control standards. It is also well documented in line with ISO specifications. Our factory staff are well trained and highly skilled with all assemblers trained up to IPC level 1 as a minimum and some achieving IPC level 3.

We have our own photometric laboratory equipped with a photo goniometer and state of the art digital LED tester. Using this equipment we are able to generate IES files for our products.

All our products are thoroughly tested during development and at various stages during production. We also have lifetime test cabinets where the LEDs are on 24/7. We test them periodically to measure colour shirt and lumen depreciation.

We are a proud South African company and wherever possible we source local content to minimise our environmental impact and to stimulate the local economy. We recycle our waste and reuse as much material as possible to try and ensure that our products are as environmentally sustainable in their production, as they are in their use.