LEDwise Lighting Pty Ltd. is an expert designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for the retail, commercial and industrial market sectors. At the core of the company is the professional Engineering team which consists of experienced Mechanical, Electronic and Mechatronic engineers. The team has more than 100 years of combined Engineering experience and more than 40 years of LED lighting design experience. Our production facility is well laid out and all work is processed in accordance with strict quality control standards. It is also well documented in line with ISO specifications. Our factory staff are well trained and highly skilled with all assemblers trained up to IPC level 1 as a minimum and some achieving IPC level 3.

We have our own photometric laboratory equipped with a photo goniometer and state of the art digital LED tester. Using this equipment we are able to generate IES files for our products.

All our products are thoroughly tested during development and at various stages during production. We also have lifetime test cabinets where the LEDs are on 24/7. We test them periodically to measure colour shirt and lumen depreciation.

We are a proud South African company and wherever possible we source local content to minimise our environmental impact and to stimulate the local economy. We recycle our waste and reuse as much material as possible to try and ensure that our products are as environmentally sustainable in their production, as they are in their use.


LEDwise Lighting Pty. Ltd. uses best practice engineering in the design of our lighting products and procures the highest quality components (like LEDs, lenses and drivers) from leading brands in the world. All our products are SABS Approved.We are also ISO9001 compliant for the design, manufacture and assembly of our LED luminaires. 

The LEDs are assembled locally onto printed circuit boards and assembled into housings designed for ergonomics and heat dissipation. The optics and drivers are carefully selected to optimise light output and to achieve maximum efficiency. Furthermore by ensuring correct heat dissipation and optimising drive currents, our products are able to achieve very high efficacy.

Using our photometric equipment, we are able to generate the photometric emission spectrum for our products as well as the total lumen output, chromaticity and colour rendering index. This is particularly useful during the development phase of a product where small changes in initial parameters can have a large effect on the overall performance of the light. It is also vital for specifying the correct use of our products so that the desired optical level is attained.

While LED technology is advancing all the time, LEDs are not yet suitable for replacement of all forms of traditional lighting. We will be happy to advise clients whether we think an LED solution could work for their application and can provide comparative test data with traditional luminaires. In all cases we can provide a business case showing how long it will take for break-even point to be reached.


To be a World Class developer of LED products in our speciality industry sectors.


We believe that traditional good values like honesty, respect, integrity and trust are essential to creating and building sustainable relationships with our clients.

This coupled with clear communication and professional service at all times allows us and our clients to do what we do best.

Our highly trained staff, hard at work.

Contact our Team

For innovative lighting solutions contact our team of South African engineers.

Our Team

For innovative lighting solutions contact our team of South African engineers.


Tom Wyszkowski-Korwin

Development Engineer

Manages technical aspects including product design and improvement, lighting simulations, component testing and technical sales.


Daniel Prozesky

Development Engineer

Product development including design and testing, technical support, production support, and project management.


Millicent Kleinsmidt


Handles accounts, admin as well as reception and keeps the office running smoothly.


Travis Rowe

Production Manager

Run production floor and ensure all orders are completed on time and to the highest quality.


Bruce Scott

Managing Director

Oversee all elements of the business from technical product design to production and finance as well as client relations.

charlton s

Charlton Opperman

Business Development Manager

Establishing and nurturing relationships in Gauteng with distributors as well provide training and product updates.