LEDwise’ locally manufactured L56-W2 linear LED Module has been designed for OEM lighting manufacturers to use in their linear or ceiling mounted luminaires. The module is Zhaga compliant allowing for interchangeability with other modules on the market.
How many times have you seen unrealistically short breakeven calculations showing a payback or break-even of a few months or a couple of years without clearly stating what all the assumptions are? There is often also no ability to modify the assumptions as the document supplied is a pdf. There are even some advertising brochures claiming break-even periods for a particular product while not even specifying the application conditions.
The newly opened Table Bay Mall has 65,000m2 of retail space and is host to more than 150 stores. The mall design boasts both sophistication and modernity, drawing inspiration from the flowing lines and curvatures of the world’s most refined yachts.
Lighting design has both functional and aesthetic elements, both of which need to be considered when choosing lighting for a particular space. With the correct choice of lighting, a room’s best attributes can be enhanced creating a better experience for all. 
Our innovative commercial refrigeration products have recently been installed in the food section of the new Woolworths store in Table Bay Mall, Cape Town. Leading refrigeration display case manufacturer, Colcab, selected our slim line SL range for the undershelf lights in their new closed-door meat and dairy fridges.
The Glide forms part of our wide-ranging collection of linear luminaires. Developed and manufactured locally, our range of Glide lighting products have been well received by those seeking easy, efficient, and cost-effective lighting solutions. With the progressive South African market in mind, the LEDWise team continually seek to further our contribution to the LED industry.
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