The Artscape Theatre in Cape Town now brings you the highest level of LED lighting in the canteen, passages and bathrooms across all 5 floors. This project features our CL6 for the canteen, COB15 for the passages and CL5H-diff for the bathrooms.
For their internal illumination over the Deli, Bakery and Fresh Produce areas, Spar Store owners throughout South Africa are choosing LEDwise products.
For the last 4 years Nedbank has used LEDwise as its preferred supplier for signage illumination during their national branch upgrade project. The LEDs are used for the halo illumination of the signs as well as for the backlighting of the Nedbank and other text.
Lighting is one of the most important decisions when designing a shopping centre. LED lighting provides an efficient choice where lighting needs to be utilised for at least 10 hours per day and maintenance costs need to be minimised. As well as considering the overall energy cost of the luminaires chosen, an efficient range with the minimum number of different styles should be chosen to reduce maintenance costs and complexity.
LEDwise is an Osram LED Light for You Solution Partner, one of only 2 companies in South Africa accredited for this. We have recently developed a locally assembled range of linear modules with Osram Opto-Semi-Conductors, and have received approval from Osram to put the ‘Osram LED Inside’ co-branding on the modules for sale in Africa.   
Image and environmentally conscious retail brands like Billabong opt for LEDwise. Retail customers, in particular, appreciate how important the correct lighting is to the customer’s purchase decision.   This Billabong store in the V&A Waterfront Cape Town used the LEDwise Ceiling Light, CL24-Diff luminaire, for general illumination in the store. The diffused recessed light fitting consumes only 28W of power, produces 3298 lumens, and with a 95-degree beam spread is ideal for general illumination.   Selecting the right colour temperature for a fashion retail store is particularly important and LEDwise superior fine colour binning and high CRI options means the…
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