Recessed ceiling lights are one of the most popular modern lighting options for hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, reception counters and display cabinets. Also referred to as downlights, they provide ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting while remaining unobtrusive because the lights are recessed into the ceiling.
Which light metrics should you specify for your application?  Our previous article explained the various LED colour metrics commonly used in the industry. This article now describes which metrics should be specified for different applications. CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) and CRI (Colour Rendering Index) are traditionally the standard industry terms used to specify the light produced by a luminaire. Ever improving LED technology, however, together with more discerning and demanding consumers, has resulted in LED manufacturers creating many customised and optimised outputs.
Recessed ceiling lights are a great source of illumination in an area which requires a minimalistic approach, and avoid clutter. They are versatile, providing both ambient and task lighting for almost any space. Low ceilings are especially favourable with recessed lights as they do not protrude from the ceiling. 
Even though vision is so inherently part of our everyday lives, it is extremely difficult to describe, quantify and scientifically measure. The human eye responds differently depending on brightness and colour, not all eyes are the same and even if they were, individual colour memories of familiar objects and each person’s individual tastes and preferences mean that there is very little common data to work with. This doesn’t mean however that attempts haven’t been made to objectively quantify light. If the performance of a light source can be accurately described, then it can be accurately reproduced, which as consumers is…
Canopy lights serve an array of applications and are designed to be placed above the lighting area to provide balance and direct the light. Well suited for petrol stations, warehouses, drive-thrus and other low bay areas. Our range of canopy lights deliver high lighting levels and are exceptionally easy to handle and install. 
Nautic South Africa specialises in the design and construction of highly customised ships. Their new Ship Building Facility in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town utilises more than 150 of the LEDwise HB-140 high Bay lights. The luminaires are installed at a mounting height of 19m and provide the required lux to ensure that the high-quality levels during manufacture of the vessels can be maintained.
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