LEDwise has numerous points of difference in the South African industry, ranging from our expertise, to our work ethic to our production processes. As a customer of LEDwise you can rest assured that you are partnering with a company that excels in its field. Here are our 5 main differentiators:
Driver on Board (DOB) technology is becoming more common in LED Lighting products. There are several reasons for this. The price of the DOB module is significantly less than buying an LED module and a separate driver. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for an external driver, the housings that these modules are fitted into can be smaller and unsightly shadows often caused by external drivers mounted next to the LED module can be avoided.
Lighting design is both an art and a science. Architectural spaces thrive with the right mix of lighting, and recessed ceiling lights play a major role in creating attractive and pleasant environments. With the right lights, rooms are highlighted by their best features. 
The brand-new Woolworths Distribution Centre in Montague Gardens, Cape Town is nearing completion. LEDwise supplied almost 500 of their 200W Linear High Bay Lights through distributor Province Lighting. Distribution Centres need lighting solutions that precisely illuminate very large areas or very narrow areas from a great height, and are durable enough to withstand environment conditions such as fluctuating temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.
LEDwise offers a range of high quality LED Light Lines. Designated the LL-A-24-25, LL-A-24-33, and LL-A-24-14 are available in power levels of 3.2, 12 and 25 W/m respectively. Suitable for interior and exterior use they are ideal for use in cove lighting, façade illumination, shop fitting, shelf lighting, cabinet illumination, and signage. 
LEDwise has supplied their diffused recessed downlights to a large number of Pick n Pay Express stores nationwide. The 15W, CL12-Diff model is used in the restrooms, while the 22W CL19-Diff model is used on the portico and in the Wild Bean Café.  
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