We are pleased to announce the appointment of two Business Development Specialists, we look forward to them meeting our customers and distributors over the coming weeks.
LEDwise has introduced a new range of diffused downlights. This new ‘Dish’ range has a low profile design with a sleek white front ring to achieve a clean, crisp look. 
LEDwise has supplied their COB35 downlight through distributor Lighting Innovations, for the main mall lighting in Umlazi Megacity which is situated in the south of Durban.
Success in the retail sector is driven by various elements. Enhancing the shopper experience is key. An important element is Store Design, which is carefully modelled to account for the floor plan, colour scheme, merchandising and lighting.The role of lighting is essential, with its contribution to a store’s ambiance as well as ability to draw customers to specific areas or products.
LEDwise is proud to reveal their innovative new continuous LED line, the high-efficiency ACE . It has been designed with supermarket illumination requirements in mind, but is also suitable for warehouse and retail applications.   The ACE can be used as a continuous linear light, with each length plugging easily into the next for up to 50m without an additional power point, or it can be used as a single luminaire.
Although a change in lighting technology is a big decision to make, deciding to switch to LED is always a wise choice for a retail business or showroom. The lighting solution that a business opts for needs to mesh well with the kinds of products that are being sold. Displays, signage and decor are instantly highlighted when the correct lighting is used.   
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